~ About The Foundation For Financial Fitness, Inc. ~

A New Jersey Non-Profit Organization


The Foundation For Financial Fitness, Inc. (F4FF) is a non-profit organization founded January 2011. The organization specializes in providing college funding strategies, student money management skills and financial fitness education.


As financial educators we use classes, workshops, seminars and conferences as informational sources to teach members of various organizations, such as: schools, churches, hospitals, libraries and community centers.


Our Mission:


F4FF's mission is to assist individuals, families and organizations to define their financial goals, assess their current situation and implement a successful educational and financial  plan. We find tremendous satisfaction in helping clients take a long-term perspective of their financial goals,which are achieved through carefully thought out strategies.


~ F4FF, Inc. Services ~

Building Brighter Futures Through Education




  • Workshops

(One Topic Less Than 2 Hours)

  • Seminars

(Multi-Topics Up To 6 Hours/One Day)

  • Conferences

(multi-topics -  Two 6 Hour Days)

  • Webinars

(Office & Home Visits)

  • Classes

(Once A Week For 2 Hours For Six Weeks)

  • Counseling and/or Coaching



Additional Speaking Services:


You can schedule Derrick T. Billups, Sr. to speak at your Church, School,  Business, or Organization today by calling (888) 520-7755. Topics include:


  • Preparing The Way

Tracking your spending, Understanding your Finances, and Being Discipline ;

  • Who's Money Is It Anyway

Basic Banking, Financial Team, and Saving/Spending Strategies;

  • Cash or Credit

Getting Your Credit Report, Reviewing Your Report, and Correcting Your Report;

  • College Planning Today

Preparing today's youth for the college experience, Picking a College, SAT PREP, Maximizing Your Financial Aid, Private vs Public Schools, In-State vs Out-of-State Schools, and Negotiating With Schools; and

  • Changing Your Condition Not Your Position

The Fundamentals of Money Management, Achieving Financial Goals, Achieving Financial Security, Budgeting, Assets, Liabilities and Paying Yourself First.


Financial Services:


  • College  Planning

Pre and Post Planning , FASFA, Cost, Location and Exit Strategies.

  • Retirement  Planning

403b,IRA, 401k Rollovers, Years left to retirement  and How much do you need or want?

  • Individual  and Family Review

Financial Goals for next 5,10 and 15 years, Emergency  Fund, Wills & Trust.

  • Insurance Review

Life,Health and DI, Income Replacement  and Understanding what and how much you need.

  • Money Management

Budgeting , Asset Allocation and Professional  team.

  • Credit  Counseling

Credit Bureaus, Who uses it and why,What's  your score, and What hurts and helps your score.




  • Life Insurance (Term, Whole  Life and Universal)
  • Annuities
  • IRAs - Traditional and Roth
  • Investments
  • Employee Benefits
  • 401k and 403b
  • Pension Rollovers



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